The Washoe Tribal Council is the governing body for the Washoe Tribe and all of it’s programs and organizations. It is comprised of three elected officials; the Chairperson, Vice-charperson and Secretary-Treasurer and two representives from each of it’s four community councils and two representatives elected by off-reservation members and one representative of the Reno/Sparks Indian Colony Washoe Membership (currently vacant)

The Tribal Council meets at least monthly. Meetings rotate between the four communities.

Back Row: Stan Smokey, Jeremy Steele, Chad Malone, Chairman Neil Mortimer, Vice-Chairman Mahlon Machado, Rueben Vasquez, and Gary Nevers

Front Row: Jacqueline Steele, Deirdre Jones-Flood, Lorraine Keller, Lisa Christensen, and Irvin Jim


Off Reservation Representatives:


Jeremy Steele
Off Reservation Representative and Washoe Tribal Secretary-Treasurer 
Jeremy Steele is an Off Reservation Representative for the Washoe Tribal Council. He grew up in the Stewart community with his brother Chris Lee and parents Jacqueline and Kent Steele. His maternal grandmother is the late Eva James and his paternal grandmother was the late Joyce Haggerty (both grandmothers were Washoe members). Jeremy is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Psychology with a minor in Japanese. His goal for being on the Tribal Council is to facilitate change for the advancement of the tribe. Jeremy successfully ran for Tribal Council to ensure a positive change would happen while he is in office.

Mahlon J. Machado
Off Reservation Representative and                                                            
Washoe Tribal Vice-Chairman

Mahlon J. Machado is the son of Deanne George, and the Grandson of Ivan & Fern George. Mahlon’s adopted family is Mother Barbara Jones, Brother Rob Jones and Sister Angela Jones. Mahlon has two children with girlfriend Erin Cain. Together, they have a 4-year-old daughter, Scarlet and an 8-year-old son, Caiden. Mahlon is very grateful for his family. “Erin and the kids give me the support I need, so I can do what I love to do.” says, Mahlon J. Machado. 

Mahlon has held various county, state, and Tribal appointments for the Washoe Tribe as an elected official and Tribal Member.  Mahlon was elected in 2002 and held office on the Washoe Tribal Council through 2006 as Chairman of the Woodfords Washoe Community Council. Mahlon was appointed as an Off Reservation Alternate in 2010-2013.  In 2013, he was appointed again, as an Off Reservation Representative for the remainder of the 2013-2014 term.  Today, after being elected in 2014, Mahlon sits on the Washoe Tribal Council as one of two Off Reservation Representatives.  He also curently sits as Chairman of the Washoe Tribal Gaming Commission (after being elected in 2012). 

Mahlon has worked for the Washoe Tribe off and on since he was 16 years old.  His most recent positions held were Manager of the Washoe One Stop Store 61, Interim Meeks Bay Resort Manager for two seasons, and is currently the Business Operations Manager for the Washoe Tribe.  

Mahlon ran for the Off Reservation Representative position in hopes to assist with the completion of the Travel Plaza/Casino project (which were completed in February 2016 and May 2016, respectively), in which he originally helped start.  His hopes are to create more opportunities for Tribal members and to help raise the quality of life for his people. Mahlon believes the new developments will bring in more, unrestrictive revenues that can be used to fund more programs for Off Reservation Tribal members. 

“I truly believe it will take Washoe people to solve Washoe problems.” -Mahlon J. Machado   



Neil Mortimer

Deirdre Jones Flood is a member of the Hung A Lel Ti Community, and the Vice-Chairwoman of the community council. She was raised with her five brothers and sister by her parents the late Ellsworth & Belma Barber Jones, and she is the granddaughter of the late Tom & Nettie George Barber. She is the proud mother of her son and daughter, and has one grandson. She earned her degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. Her career includes over 40 years working with tribal programs and tribal governments. She has been a lifelong advocate for promoting Indian awareness. She made a commitment early in her career to always protect the sovereignty of tribes, and her goals are to

Irvin Jim is the Chairman of the Hung A Lel Ti community. His paternal grandparents were the late Velma and Greely Jim and his maternal grandparents were the late Gilbert and Flossie Bennett. He is the son of Rocky Jim and Linda Shoshone. He was elected to the Tribal Council in the latest 2014 election, and while on the Tribal Council his goal to assist the Tribal members in any way he can. He is a volunteer firefighter and certified EMT at Station 95, and in 2016 he was selected as Fireman of the Year for the Eastern Alpine Fire Department.

Jacqueline Steele has been married to Kent Steele for 31 years and has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandchildren. Her great grandmother was Clara Frank, grandfather was Willie Jim and mother was Eva Jim James. She is retired from the state of Nevada after 30 years of service as a Workers’ Compensation Investigator. She has been involved in her community since 1989 in the capacity of Vice-Chairwoman and Chairwoman for the Stewart Community Council as well as Washoe Tribal Councilwoman and previous Vice-Chairwoman for the Washoe Tribe. She has represented the Stewart Community on the Washoe Housing Authority Board of

Stan Smokey serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Stewart Community Council, and is on the Washoe Housing Board of Commissioners. He is the son of Eleanore Smokey and the late Romaine T. Smokey Sr. He was raised in the Dresslerville Community with his brothers Aaron, Anthony, the late Romaine Smokey Jr, and his sister Linda. He has been married to Filomena Smokey for 24 years. He is father to six children, Jessi, Erika, Westly, Roman, Lakoda, and Zander, and is the proud grandfather of four grandchildren. He has worked for over 30 years in the construction trade and as a journeyman diamond cutter. He strongly believes in self-sufficiency for the

Lorraine A. Keller is the Reno-Sparks Washoe Tribal Representative. This is her second term as the Washoe representative for the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Washoes. Currently she resides on the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony in Hungry Valley with her daughter, Chelsea Morning Star O’Daye. Her mother is Ramona Lutz Keller and her grandmother was Mildred “Millie” George Lutz. She obtained her Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice from the Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, She has been employed with the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony as an Education Advisor for 9 ½ years. She also enjoys traveling, attending Pow Wows, and most of all enjoys

Carson Colony Community Council Vice-Chairman Chad Malone is a resident of the Carson Colony and a member of the Washoe Tribal Council. He is married to Ramona Malone with two sons, Preston and Chavin, and is a proud grandparent. Chad serves as an active member of the Washoe Tribe’s Housing Authority Board of Commissioners and is also employed by the Washoe Tribe with WUMA. Chad has actively participated in the Community Council for several terms.

Carson Colony Community Council Chairman Gary Nevers is a resident of the Carson Colony and a member of the Washoe Tribal Council. He is employed by the Washoe Tribal Housing Authority. Gary has a daughter, Naomi Nevers, who is a teacher for the Carson School District, and he is the proud grandpar-ent of two. Gary has actively participated in the Community Council for several terms.

Dresslerville Community Council Vice-Chairman Rueben Vasquez is a resident of the Dresslerville Community and a member of the Washoe Tribal Council. He was elected to the Tribal Council in the most recent 2014 election. Rueben is the Assistant Manager at Meek’s Bay Resort. He is the son of the late Karey Sallee. He enjoys serving his people and will do his best during his time on Tribal Council.