The Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California is a federally recognized tribe living in California and Nevada. There are several communities south and east of Lake Tahoe, and they are united under a tribal council. The tribe owns over 64,300 acres in several different parcels.

The Washoe tribe is a multifacited organization governed by its Tribal Council. Each aspect of the organization is designed and managed to enhance the lives of the Washoe Tribal Membership and in the case of the Washoe Native TANF Program, to enhance the lives of Native Americans in communities throughout Northwestern Nevada and Northern California. The Affairs of the Washoe Tribe are governed according to the Washoe Tribe Constitution and Bylaws. CLICK HERE to view and download the Washoe Tribe Constitution and Bylaws.


Washoe tribal members, and tribal staff, at Meeks Bay, California.


Washoe Communities:

Carson Colony
Established in 1917, this 16-acre community had 275 resident members in 1991. This colony is located in Carson City, Nevada, and owns a gymnasium for recreation, youth programs, and hosting tribal events. They have five community representatives and are Chaired by Gary Nevers

Dresslerville Colony
This is the largest Washoe community in population. 348 members lived there in 1991. It is located on 90 acres in Gardnerville near the Gardnerville Ranchos. Most of the tribe’s public buildings are here, including a community center, gymnasium, and park. They have five community representatives and are Chaired by Rueben Vasquez.

Stewart Community
Located at the south side of Carson City, this community was established in 1890, has 2,960 acres, with 90 members. They have the Stewart Community Center. They have five community representatives and are Chaired by Jacqueline Steele.

Woodfords Community
The only community in California, Woodfords Community is located near Markleeville. They have the Woodfords Indian Education Center and a community center. Established in 1970, the 80-acre community had 338 resident members in 1991. As of the 2010 Census the population was 214.  They have five community representatives and are Chaired by Irvin Jim.

Washoe Ranch
This 95-acre ranch in Carson Valley was purchased by the tribe in 1938 and 1940. There the tribe collectively raised hogs, sheep, and a herd of dairy cows. They grew potatoes and peaches. When farm production decreased in the 1950s, the land was temporarily leased to non-Native farmers.